In a laboratory environment, flexible, accurate and reliable thermal management is critical to successful analysis and testing of a single package IC device under test (DUT). As next generation electronic components approach a heat flux of 200W/cm2, the control aspects of the thermal management system become even more critical. Utilizing advanced vapor-compression refrigeration technology in conjunction with PID control algorithms, accurate thermal management of a DUT is achieved. In order to accurately control the temperature, the control system monitors case (TC), evaporator (TE), or internal junction (TJ) temperature and employs real time pulse width modulation control of refrigerant flow to achieve accurate control to less than ±3°C. The system also includes the capability to monitor the actual power supplied to the DUT and is capable of control up to a thermal load of 200W. This paper presents the requirements for and the design of the thermal control system utilized in a high heat-flux, laboratory-based thermal management system.

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