In this paper the influence of anisotropic molecular structure on the three dimensional electrical properties of both poly(phenylene vinylene), (PPV), and polyaniline, (PANI) oriented films is investigated. The anisotropic structure of the stretched PPV and PANI EB films were examined using a modified waveguide coupler while three dimensional impedance spectroscopy measurements were made using specially designed test fixtures that allowed the in-plane as well as the through-plane impedance to be measured. The unstretched PANI EB film has a random orientation and one-way stretching leads to a uniaxial structure. The unstretched PPV film, on the other hand, was found to have a highly planar structure and oneway stretching converts the planar structure to a uniaxial structure. Impedance measurements were made on PANI after it was doped with HCl while PPV films were measured in the undoped state. For HCl-doped PANI films, the conductivity along the stretch direction was found to increase with orientation. For undoped PPV films, the conductivity through the film thickness direction decreased with increasing orientation. For both polymers, the in-plane conductivity was significantly greater than the through-plane conductivity.

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