In this paper, the design, fabrication and performance of a MEMS-based micromirror switch used for routing a probing light signal in a multi-channel fiber optics spectrophotometer are presented. Our MEMS-based micromirror switch is a surface micromachined mirror fabricated through commercial available Multi-User MEMS Process (MUMPs) foundry service. The mirror is suspended by the double-gimbal structure, which consists of two pairs of torsion bars for X and Y axis scanning. Self-assembly by solders is used to elevate the torsion mirror 30 micron over the substrate to achieve large scan angle. The operating scan angle is in the range of 3.5 degrees with driving voltage of 0–100 V. The fastest switching time of 4 millisecond (1 ms rise time and 3 ms fall time) is measured corresponding to the maximum speed of the mirror of 0.25 kHz when the mirror is scanning at +/− 1.5 degree. The micromirror switch is packaged with a multi-mode fiber bundle using active alignment technique. Maximum insertion loss of 5 dB has been obtained.

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