A brief presents a 2nd order continuous-time delta-sigma modulator (CT-DSM) using a low pass filter to reduce the slew rate requirement of the output swing of the first integrator. By adding the low pass filter, the desired transfer function of the CT-DSM is altered. Thus a feed-forward based compensation circuit is introduced to transform the altered transfer function to the original condition. The CT-DSM is designed with a bandwidth of 100 Hz to satisfy the requirement of photoplethysmogram (PPG) detection. The CT-DSM is simulated using CMOS 180 nm technology with the layout area 460 μm × 460 μm. The circuit uses a 1.8 V supply voltage and consumes 35.61 μW. The signal-to-noise ratio of the CT-DSM is 101.2 dB, while the SFDR is 99.1 dB.

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