Printed electronics is a technology in which conductive ink or functional materials are printed as a flexible material passes between rolls. It is possible to apply various applications such as solar cell, sensor, and display, and it is the next generation process that can mass-produce eco-friendly within a short time. However, if the printing pressure between rolls cannot be made uniform in a roll-to-roll process, it is difficult to commercialize printed electronics due to the deterioration of print quality. In our previous work, initial conditions were selected using pre-measured roll shape information to minimize printing pressure variations, and the printing pressure unevenness due to repeated runout was reduced. In order to equalize the contact printing pressure, this paper designs a controller model similar to the half car model considering the relationship between the two servomotors of the two degree of freedom individual drive system and the pressures at both ends of the impression roll. In addition, the control system to uniform the contact printing pressure using the roll-to-roll two degree of freedom individual drive system was confirmed by simulation and experiment.

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