One of the common rotating machines of the consumer electronics might be a washing machine. The rotating machinery normally suffers mechanical failures even during daily operations that results in poor performance or shortening lifetime of the machine. Therefore, engineers have been interested in the earliest fault diagnosis of the rotating machine. Existing fault diagnosis methods for rotating machines have used fast fourier transform (FFT) method in frequency domain to detect abnormal frequency. However, it is difficult to diagnose using the FFT method if the normal frequency components of the rotating machines overlaps with the fault frequencies. In this paper, sets of acoustic signals generated by the washing machines are collected by using a smart phone in which an inexpensive microphone is equipped, and collected data are analyzed using a new algorithm, which combining the skewness, kurtosis, A-weighting filter, high-pass filter (HPF), and FFT. The analyzed data is applied to support vector machine (SVM) to determine defect existence. The proposed algorithm solves the disadvantages of the existing method and is accurate enough to discriminate the data collected by the cheap microphone of the smart phone.

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