In recent storage boxes, fan vibrations have become a major vibration source because of increasing processing power and storage capacity. The fan vibration causes high frequency vibration up to 10 kHz in the head positioning error (PES) of HDDs, and the FEM simulation method for them have been required from the viewpoint of the HDD developments. In this paper, we conducted PES simulation by using rigid-body accelerations as the input, which were measured by using a surrogate drive. The surrogate drive has six accelerometers inside and its rigid-body motion in a box was calculated by using the least-square method. Comparing simulation and measurement results, it was found that surrogate drive measurement was effective to understand characteristics of box vibrations. The simulations also showed a problem of under-estimation at low frequencies from 1 to 2 kHz. Improvement of the boundary condition and input of the simulation model will be necessary.

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