This paper presents a study of the effect of antiferromagnetic (AFM) integration on the nano AFM-pinned multiferroic (MF) composites structure. The nano MF composites structure is a potential candidate for a future magnetic read head. The simulation of the AFM/ferromagnetic (FM) bilayers characteristics and the evaluation of the magnetoelectric (ME) effect induced in the 1-dimensional (1D) L-T mode model of AFM-pinned structure of AFM/FM/Ferroelectric (FE)/FM/AFM are performed. FM, FE, and two types of AFM materials are Terfenol-D, lead zirconate titanate (PZT), and PtMn and Cr2O3, respectively. The magnetoelectric (ME) effect is investigated using the 1D standard square law. Magnetic-field induced strain in the FM layer, piezoelectric response of the PZT layer, and the ME coefficient are determined. Specifically, the influence of AFM on the MF composites structure for various AFM thicknesses is of interest. It is found that the maximum electric field and potential across the PZT layer are achieved at 2.7 nm thick of PtMn. The result is well agreed by associated magnetic field-induced strain and ME coefficient.

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