In recent years, there have been an increased interest in manufacturing and controlling of smart materials such as NiTi Shape Memory for variety of applications in the fields of robotics, automotive, aerospace, and biomedical. In the past, there have been several studies done to control the position of SMA actuators, they mostly use a position sensor which directly measures the position [1][2]. The use of a position sensor adds substantially to the cost of an actuator unit. Moreover, there have been a few studies done in the field of self-sensing control of SMA actuators, however, they either assume a constant environmental conditions[3] or don’t consider the full complexity of the hysteresis behavior of SMAs [4]. Shape memory effect of SMAs, such as NiTi, are inherently due to a thermal process which leads to a phase transformation between the two solid phases of austenite and martensite [5]. The objective of this paper is to develop an adaptive electrical resistance feedback controller which controls the temperature of the NiTi SMA actuator based on the identified unknown heat convection coefficient.

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