Concerning with stability control of a hypersonic vehicle in the presence of input amplitude saturation and rate saturation simultaneously, a state feedback controller is designed based on LMI technique. The uncertainties of aircraft model are regarded as a known “total disturbance”. Using the actuator dynamics, the aircraft model is transformed into an extended system with nested saturation. An invariant set condition of a system which subject to nested input saturation and disturbance is derived. Controller design is transformed into the maximization of the domain of attraction using LMI technique. As the actuator amplitude is regarded as an extended state, invariant set condition and state constraint are all considered in the LMI constraints to get a rational domain of attraction. Then the optimization problem is solved by sequence quadratic program method. Simulation results show the stability and good robustness of the proposed method in the presence of aerodynamic dispersion, as well as control input amplitude and rate saturation.

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