As the degree of office automation to improve, more and more automation equipments are utilized in office. Moreover, numbers of motors are employed in automation to realize multiple functions to attract customers. As a result, the motor which can run more quietly are highly demanded than ever. One of the main causes of noise production in motors is resonance between the electromagnetic forces e.g. Unbalanced Magnetic Pulls (UMPs) and the stator and the frame of the motor. Therefore, the accurate determination of the natural frequencies of stator at the design stage becomes very important [1]. Researchers have studied motor natural frequencies, vibration and acoustic signals in recent years [2]–[5]. In this paper, the PMSM stator mathematic model has introduced and validated by 12 slots and 5 pole-pairs PM surface mounting Synchronous motor M1 simulation case study. The dynamic responses of the model with high frequency excitation force are studied through simulation and experimental approach to further validate the analytical model.

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