Fluid dynamic bearings (FDBs) have been applied to the spindle motor of a computer hard disk drive (HDD) because FDBs provide better dynamical characteristics of lower vibration and noise than ball bearings. However, one of the weaknesses of FBDs is the instability arising from the air bubble in oil lubricant of FDBs. Air bubbles are formed and trapped in oil lubricant by the inappropriate process of oil injection or the external shock. Trapped air bubbles decrease the rotational accuracy and the stability of a rotor-bearing system in such a way to generate non-repeatable run-out (NRRO) and to decrease the stiffness and damping coefficients of FDBs. It is important to predict the path of air bubbles in oil lubricant and to design FDBs in such a way to easily expel air bubbles out of operating FDBs.

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