In machine tool industry, the current trend is to use magnetic scales instead of mechanical scales or optical scales for linear position identification and control. As the demand for more accurate precision in magnetic scale, more stable reading head suspension is thought. Magnetic media with grooves, such as patterned-media, are considered to achieve ultrahigh magnetic pitch density. Patterned-media consists of land parts for magnetized N pole and grooves parts for S pole. The higher magnetic pitch density on the media, the lower magnetic flux we can measure. In order to measure reliable magnetic flux signal, the distance between the media and reader head needs to be as close as possible. During the process, aerodynamics, which caused by the reader head passing through groove parts with tiny distance between reader head and media, have an impact on reader head suspension which leads to vibration and misjudgment of measured signals. In this paper, parameter studies are conducted with the goal placed on correlating response of certain suspension vibration modes to optimal parameters in reader head suspension design.

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