Carbon nano-tubes (CNTs) have certain desirable mechanical properties such as high tensile strength and high flexibility. The frictional properties of non-lubricated CNTs have been previously investigated by certain researchers [1], [2]. In their studies, oriented CNT samples were prepared by chemical vapour deposition (CVD). However, CNTs prepared by CVD generally exhibit weak adhesion with the substrate because, in CVD, a seed layer is required for the growth of CNTs. In this study, we prepared CNTs by the surface decomposition of SiC. CNTs prepared in this manner exhibit stronger adhesion with the SiC substrate because the carbon atoms of the CNTs form a chemical bond with the SiC atoms [3]. On the other hand, the application of dynamic flying height (DFH) control technology to a hard disk drive (HDD) reduces the clearance of magnetic heads above the disk surface to a few nanometers. Further, a little bit of particles, small asperities, and small amount of smear disturb the flyability of magnetic heads. Therefore, the cleanliness of disk surfaces is the important factor for head flyability. Generally, the final tape polishing and the slider burnishing are applied in order to improve the cleanliness of disk surface in manufacturing process. In this study, we focused on the improvement of the burnishing efficiency of burnishing slider by an application of the vertically-aligned CNT for burnishing slider surface.

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