In this paper a low power all-digital clock and data recovery (ADCDR) with 1Mhz frequency has been proposed. The proposed circuit is designed for optical receiver circuit on the battery-less photovoltaic IoT (Internet of Things) tags. The conventional RF receiver has been replaced by the visible light optical receiver for battery-less IoT tags. With this proposed ADCDR a low voltage, low power consumption & tiny IoT tags can be fabricated. The proposed circuit achieve the maximum bandwidth of 1MHz, which is compatible with the commercial available LED and light sensor. The proposed circuit has been fabricated in TSMC 0.18um 1P6M standard CMOS process. Experimental results show that the power consumption of the optical receiver is approximately 5.58uW with a supply voltage of 1V and the data rate achieves 1Mbit/s. The lock time of the ADCDR is 0.893ms with 3.31ns RMS jitter period.

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