In this paper, we report a novel nanoelectromagnetic system using multiferroic/magnetoelectric Ni-nano-chevron/PMN-PT heterostructure to demonstrate an electric-field-controlled permanent magnetic single-domain transformation. The heterostructure consists of a magnetostrictive Ni-nano-chevron, Pt top and bottom electrodes, and a piezoelectric PMN-PT substrate. In initial state (as demagnetized), the magnetization of the magnetic single-domain is stably along the long axis of the nano-chevron. A magnetic field of 3000 Oe (along 45 degree of nano-chevron) is applied to magnetize the Ni-nano-chevron from stable single-domain to metastable two-domains. After this, an electric field of 0.8MV/m is applied to the PMN-PT substrate to produce the converse magnetoelectric effect to transform the two-domains. After the electric field is removed, the two-domains are further transformed back to the single-domain. Finally, when comparing the domains before and after applying our approach, approximately 50 % of single-domains are successfully and permanently switched (i.e., magnetization-direction is permanently rotated 180 degrees).

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