In this paper, we proposed a novel electromagnetic targeting system using rotating magnetic-flux concentration method for navigating endo-bronchoscope. This system consists of a magnetic-flux emitting coil, a magnetic-flux receiving electromagnets-array, a 2D model of bronchial tree, the magnetic-flux concentrator embedded on brush-guiding tube which was connected to the guide sheath. When the concentrator in the 2D bronchial tree passes through the air gap between the emitting coil and the receiving electromagnets-array, the concentrator concentrates the magnetic flux between the coil and the array. The concentrated magnetic flux is subsequently received by the receiving electromagnets-array and thus stable voltage output is produced. Furthermore, when the concentrator is rotated, the concentration of the magnetic flux is periodically changed and thereby the voltage output is periodically changed. By analyzing the voltage changes, the location of the concentrator (as well as guide tube and sheath) is targeted. According to the experimental results, the system successfully targets the location of the guide sheath in the 2D model of bronchial tree.

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