A resin-based optical total analysis system (O-TAS) which consists both of microfluidic channels and light waveguides [1] is thought to be one of the most promising components in developing a “ubiquitous human healthcare system” in the near future. Along with this technology trend, we have already developed a transparent epoxy-resin-based optical TAS chip which has a specially prepared light waveguide structure of radially arranged configuration at an intersection portion with a microfluidic channel, in order to detect directivity of fluorescence from fluorescent substance attached micro particles [2],[3]. Schematic diagram of the optical TAS is shown in Figure 1. In the latest research, utilizing an AC modulated laser source and time-series averaging function on detected signal waveforms, we could have successfully obtained directivities of fluorescence from 5-μm-diameter particles with higher signal to noise (S/N) ratio [3].

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