In many motion control problems of mechatronic equipment, the control performance of the final-state of the control period is strictly important for positioning or settling issues. Totani and Nishimura proposed a final-state control (FSC) method using compensation input for such a purpose in 1994. The FSC technique has been improved and applied to various kinds of actual mechanical motion control problems. The FSC technique looks similar to the Mode Predictive Control (MPC). However, the difference of FSC and MPC has not been fully addressed yet. This paper shows the understanding of FSC technique from the viewpoint of the MPC theory. An updating-type FSC (UFSC) proposed by a part of the authors is introduced. Then, this paper shows analytically that the control input in UFSC can be obtained by the theory of MPC under some conditions. This analysis makes clear the meaning of “updating” in the FSC technique for actual mechanical motion control applications.

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