In the present paper, the flying characteristics of a step slider flying in either air or He with a local temperature distribution of the disk are analyzed using the thermo-molecular gas-film lubrication (t-MGL) equation in the quasi-free-molecular flow region (quasi-free-molecular t-MGL equation: t-MGLqfm eq.). The gas temperature in the t-MGLqfm equation, τG, is assumed to be that in the free molecular limit, τGfm, defined by temperatures and accommodation coefficients at the disk, τW0, α0, and those at the slider, τW1, α1, respectively. The decreases in static spacing for the slider flying in He are significant. Moreover, the spacing decreases as the accommodation coefficients of the disk, α0, decreases, that is, as the ratio of specular reflection increases. The spacing fluctuation caused by a running wavy disk varies according to both the ambient gas (air/He) and the boundary accommodation coefficients.

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