A method to automatically calculate tool paths and apply to machining from near net shape material is proposed. At first, this study proposes a contour line model, in which the product model is minutely divided on the plane along any one axial direction and the contour lines to show the cross section of the product is superimposed. Subsequently, this study proposes a method to calculate the tool positions according to the interference amount between product surface and tool. Furthermore, this study proposes the method to calculate tool paths for near net shape material.

The case study was conducted to validate the effectiveness of the proposed method. As the result of this case study, it was confirmed that the proposed method can automatically generate the tool paths for near net shape. The machining efficiency from near net shape material will be better than that from box shape material. The results showed that the proposed method has good potential to perform customized manufacturing, and realize both high productivity and reliability in machining operation.

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