A general method is proposed to predict the shape of a paper model of a brassiere cup. A brassiere cup consists of several cloth and wire parts and the shapes of cloth parts are determined by repeating creation of a paper cup model, check of its 3D shape, and modification of 2D shapes of parts. For efficient design of a brassiere cup, prediction of its 3D shape with a simulation is required. The deformed shape of a paper part is represented as a single or multiple developable surfaces. So, a model that can represent a part both as a single surface and as multiple surfaces is proposed. Which case is selected depends on the magnitude of the potential energy of the part in each case. The potential energy of the part and geometric constraints imposed on the part are formulated based on the model. Minimizing the potential energy under geometric constraints derives the stable shape of the part in either case. Furthermore, our proposed method can be applied to prediction of the paper cup model consisting of parts with complex shapes.

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