This paper focuses on the single-attribute negotiation between multi-MA (Manufacture Agent) and multi-MSA (Material Supplier Agent). A hierarchical-game based negotiation protocol is proposed. It is a three-layer game. Nash game is used to find the optimal trade partnership to maximize the whole profits of the SCN (Supplier Chain Network) in the first layer. The second layer games are aimed to find all possible coalitions if the order is out of the ability of MSA and determine the final coalitions of each MSA for each MA using cooperative games. The third layer games are used to determine the final strategies between MAs and MSAs or all possible coalitions found in the second layer games. Stackelberg equilibrium is introduced to resolve the conflict of interests of the two sides. The first layer game is based on the results of the second and third layer games. The second and third layer games are nested inside the first layer game. Simulations and analysis are provided to verify the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed protocol.

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