In ISFA-2010, we proposed a fault diagnoser design based on finite state automaton and sequential function chart to diagnose programmable logic controller (PLC) based manufacturing systems. A deficiency for that paper is that it only laid down a theoretical framework but lacking a detailed implementation and experiment validation. This paper aims at remedying the deficiency with detailed system design to diagnose discrete event system (DES) faults. Systematic diagnosis approach including modeling the plant, mapping output states with sensor readings, and designing diagnoser, was illustrated in this paper. The proposed diagnoser was implemented using Visual Basic to diagnose typical faults a PLC controlled dual robot arm. Experiment validation illustrated that the proposed diagnoser can detect and isolate DES equipment faults with a high fault detection rate of 93%, and detection rate of 80% when including product tolerance fault. The proposed diagnoser can achieve maximum fault detection delay of 9 seconds on the equipment faults. For the future direction, we are planning to extend the proposed diagnoser design to detect probabilistic faults in PLC based automated systems.

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