This paper describes the design and fabrication of a piezoresistive high-pressure rectangular sensor which will be used in the petrochemical industry field. The stress distribution of the piezoresistance on the membrane was analyzed by the Finite Element Method through the ANSYS software. The piezoresistance was fabricated on SOI wafers by the MEMS bulk-micromachining technology and the silicon substrate was bonded with the Pyrex 7740# glass by the anodic bonding technology. The linearity, sensitivity, repeatability and accuracy of the fabricated result were 0.3%, 1.109mV/MPa, 0.41% and 0.57%, respectively. This type of microstructure sensor has advantages of high sensitivity, linearity and accuracy. Meanwhile, the sensor has a wide measurement range because of the rectangular membrane. The piezorsistive high pressure rectangular diaphragm sensor offers several advantages such as, high sensitivity, linearity and accuracy, and additionally, the wide measurement range of the sensor will guarantee its great applications in the petrochemical industry fields.

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