Heat transfer from a perforated, sinusoidal plate with suction to air flowing over the plate, perpendicular to the corrugations, has been studied numerically and experimentally. This study used a numerical model, validated by wind tunnel tests and hot wire anemometer/resistance thermometer measurements, to determine the heat loss to the air stream over the plate as a function of wind speed, suction velocity, and plate geometry. Both attached and separated flow regimes were observed, and the criterion for flow attachment was determined to be ReV0,P≥6.93ReU∞,A0.5. Correlations were developed for heat transfer to the air stream for each flow regime. For attached flow, the heat transfer can be represented as Nuatt = Nuflat{1 + 0.81 (A/P)0.5}. For separated flow, the following correlation applies: Nusep = 2.05(A/P)1.40Re1.63

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