Two advanced optical systems and a highly efficient thermal cycle suitable for beam-down power tower with thermal storage are presented. (1) To increase field efficiency, the “cross beam” heliostat array concept is proposed. Using continuum optical model, the characteristics of the cross beam concept and its economy were investigated. (2) To protect the central reflector (CR) against wind force, a “multi-ring CR” concept is proposed. The concentration performance of multi-ring CRs is calculated using the ray-tracing method. It shows no worse results than the case with a single hyperboloid mirror. (3) The potential of a closed gas turbine cycle with supercritical carbon dioxide as a working fluid was investigated. An optimal cycle configuration involves a regenerative cycle with pre-cooling and inter-cooling cycles, in which theoretically achievable cycle thermal efficiency is 47% at the turbine inlet temperature of 800 K and turbine inlet pressure of 20 MPa. Detailed thermal design of a critical component, regenerative heat exchanger (RHX) is carried out using a newly developed printed heat exchanger (PCHE). It proved to be a feasible design.

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