This paper aims to elucidate China energy label and «The minimum allowable values of the energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for room air conditioners» implemented recently (2005). Energy efficiency ratio (EER) considered in this standard was compared with coefficient of performance (COP), based on it, two air-conditioners with different EER were calculated to be contrasted by their total cost during the operational life. At the same period, the content, significance and result of the energy standard was analyzed. The results show that air-conditioners with higher EER can be more economical, and they can obtain better qualities as well as utilization effects. Also, this standard determines the energy efficiency grade index of room air-conditioners below 14 kW and the market entrance admission index of energy efficiency. Starting this standard requires that each air-conditioner should have an energy label, thus market transformation goals can be achieved, consequently, it will accelerate the advancement of enterprises and reinforce the energy-saving management of the government. However, designers, manufacturers and high efficiency product sellers in the power market will be challenged.

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