The aim of this study is to review issues related to the requirement of thin CIGSS absorber layers, prepare and characterize thin CIGSS films on molybdenum coated glass, improve understanding of material properties, and further enhance solar cell performance. This paper presents the preparation and properties of thin (∼1 μm thick) CuIn1−xGaxSe2−ySy (CIGSS) solar cells on molybdenum coated glass substrate. CIGSS films of thickness ∼1 μm were prepared in two steps. Step one involved the deposition of Cu-In-Ga metallic precursors on molybdenum coated glass substrate and step two involves the selenization/sulfurization of these metallic precursors using diluted diethylselenide (DESe) as selenium source and diluted H2S as sulfur source respectively. Thin film solar cells were completed by the deposition of n-type CdS layer by chemical bath deposition, ZnO/ZnO:Al transparent conducting window bilayer by RF magnetron sputtering and Ni-Al front contact fingers by e-beam evaporation technique through a metal mask. This paper presents the preliminary results obtained on very thin (∼ 1 μm) absorber layer.

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