The optical characteristics of a high-flux solar simulator that comprises an array of Xe-arc lamps with ellipsoidal specular reflectors of common focus is examined using the Monte Carlo ray tracing technique. The parameters varied are arc diameter, focal length, eccentricity, truncation diameter, and angular error of specular reflection. The geometrical design of the truncated ellipsoidal reflector is optimized for maximum transfer efficiency, defined as the portion of radiation intercepted by a circular target centered at the common focal point. An array of ten 15 kW Xe-arc lamps of 9 mm electrode gap and 35% electrical-to-radiant efficiency, each closed-coupled with an ellipsoidal reflector of optimum design, should be capable of delivering an average radiative power flux exceeding 5900 kW/m2 over a 6 cm-diameter circular target, with an overall transfer efficiency of 31.9%.

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