During long-term time, the laboratory of non-traditional energetic is been busy with development and introduction of solar water heating systems for hot water supply. The systems with solar collectors of 40 m2 area have been developed and introducted. For estimation of their efficiency we should know flux density of solar radiation, proceeding to surface at the given place. However in Primorye Region at actinometrical watching only four meteostations in the Southern part are carrying out straight measurements of solar radiation flux, and the others record data which concern only solar radiation regime (the amount of solar radiation hours, relation of watching duration of solar radiation to possible duration, the amount of days without sun, etc.). We suggested the expression, which according to know data of solar radiation and cloudiness, recorded practically on all meteorological stations gives possibility to calculate for Primorye Region month sums of total radiation proceeding to horizontal surface. The comparison of estimated values with measured ones gives the error to 3...9% with regard to average many years values, and are in the range of variability of measured values for separate years. In Primorye Region more than 250 m2 of solar collectors were installed; and among them 150 m2 were developed with the laboratory, to position on 2003.11.01.   NOTE: This paper was presented at the 2004 International Solar Energy Conference and was inadvertently omitted from the 2004 ASME proceedings. The page range refers to the 2005 International Solar Energy Conference Print Proceedings, where it was subsequently published.

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