Ultraviolet solar radiation was measured and recorded on a 5-minute, hourly and daily basis at four sites on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico (located from 18° to 18° 30’N latitude and from 65° 30’ to 67° 15’W longitude) over a 24 calendar month time frame. Data were measured by an Eppley Total Ultraviolet Radiometer (TUVR) mounted on a horizontal surface (0.285 ≤ λ ≤ 0.385 μm wavelengths). This data presents the first published data on ultraviolet radiation over Puerto Rico. The data sheds new light on the ultraviolet radiation characteristics of this tropical island. Characteristics such as the daily average, monthly average hourly, monthly average daily, and annual average daily ultraviolet radiation are presented. The ratio of the monthly average daily ultraviolet radiation to the monthly average daily global radiation varied between 0.0476 and 0.0498, with a mean value of 0.0487 ± 0.0009. A regression correlation between ultraviolet and global radiation on an hourly basis is also developed.

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