A Parabolic trough concentrator (PTC) and a photocatalytic reactor with Pt-deposited TiO2 Photocatalyst were designed and constructed for the degradation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The temperature of photocatalyst coated on the sunlight receiver was easily elevated to around 473 K by PTC, and 79% of toluene or 93% of acetaldehyde was removed continuously, when gaseous toluene (15ppm) or acetaldehyde (400ppm) was passed through the reactor. The combination of sunlight concentrator and Pt-TiO2 catalyst exhibited the enhancement of complete degradation of VOCs, the inhibition of deactivation, and the reactivation of photocatalyst. The contributions of photocatalytic and catalytic activities of Pt-TiO2 were analyzed by using UV lamp and electric heater. Acetaldehyde was thermocatalytically degraded by photodeposited Pt on TiO2 at 343–463 K without UV irradiation, however the UV irradiation was necessary for the complete oxidation of acetaldehyde into CO2.

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