Almost all life on Earth has been using solar energy in many ways, but when high temperatures are desired, concentration of the incident solar radiation (insolation) becomes necessary. The present work is an attempt to improve and experimentally compare alternative beam delivering and focusing energy systems of a small solar concentrator. The researched solar energy concentrator (SEC) facility consists of modified two mirror Cassegrainian solar concentrator, two-speed sun-tracking manual and automatic control, concentrated insolation transmitting and continuous beam focusing systems. A number of system modifications during the development of the two stage, point focusing type solar concentrator arrangement for solar thermal power utilization have also been explored and are reported in this paper. Some of the experimental testing results obtained using single polymer fiber 14 mm in diameter, a truncated conical concentrator, and auxiliary lens system alternatives, have been compared. In addition, some details about various improvements of the sun-tracking sensor and automatics, beam transmission and continuous focusing capabilities of the SEC facility have been described.

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