Basic characteristics and dynamic response of a 30W module/array simulator using PV I-V magnifier circuit was studied. It was confirmed that each gain of voltage and current was independently adjustable using feedback control of current signal. Simulator circuit output power is controlled by LED irradiation light which works as an irradiation of sun light to real PV modules. Maximum power of the circuit depends on maximum power of the power amplifier used in the circuit. A photo-current of pn photo-sensor was some micro ampere hence the current gain of the simulator needed more than 50dB. The voltage gain was not more than 3dB because a multi junction pn photo-sensor was used. To control the simulator circuit by personal computer, an LED driver circuit was added. A fill factor was also easily changeable by change of shunt resistor connected with pn photo-sensor in parallel. A dynamic response of short circuit current was measured and confirmed that the circuit has enough response ability to apply the MPPT evaluation. A grand line of each module is isolated, hence any topology of connections is available. This circuit simplifies the control system and makes it easy to handle multi simulator units by one personal computer. This system is suitable for the evaluation of multi inverter system.

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