For increasing total efficiency of solar collectors, PV/T hybrid collectors are focused. A number of simulation models for the PV/T hybrid collector have been proposed, but there are few models that checked the relevance by comparison with the actual measurement. Therefore we picked up sheet-tube type hybrid collectors and measured the thermal and electrical outputs in Tsukuba, Japan to compare with calculation results. We focused the Extension Hottel-Whillier model that is proposed by Florschuetz, 1979, as a basic simulation model. Also proposed the Modified Extension Hottel-Whillier model to increase the accuracy of the electrical performance. Both models showed good agreements with the measured thermal collection positively. The Extension Hottel-Whillier model constantly calculated the large electrical output but the Modified model kept it down ideally. Under the low solar radiation, however, there was large error of the electrical output by the limit of the solar cell model.

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