It is well known that the wind power has definitely certain impact on the grid power. Issues associated with the integration of wind power into the utility grid are interface issues, operational issues and planning issues. Interface issues include harmonics, reactive power consumption, voltage regulation and frequency control. Operational issues are intermittent power generation, operating reserve requirements, unit commitment and economic despatch. And planning issues are concerned with intermittent wind resources compared to conventional power resources. An important question, when connecting the wind turbine generators to the utility grid, is how much the power / voltage quality will be influenced, since the power production by wind turbines is intermittent, quantity wise as well as quality wise. This paper is focused on the on comparison between the constant speed wind turbines and variable speed wind turbines, reactive power consumption and harmonics generated by both wind turbines. Total harmonic distortion is calculated by the application of C++ software and a comparison is done between the generators with respect to the harmonics. It is observed that constant speed wind turbine generates low order harmonics and variable speed turbine generates high order harmonics. On the basis of results, some solutions are suggested to improve the wind power quality and to reduce reactive power consumption. It seems that variable speed wind turbines with electronic interface are better with respect to the utility grid point of view.

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