A photovoltaic and thermal hybrid panel which was made of an aluminum roll -bond panel with a photovoltaic module on the surface was developed recently for use as an evaporator of a heat pump for residential hot water supply and room heating.1) Pressure loss of the refrigerant at the evaporator was large. Therefore, in the present study, shapes of the inlet and the outlet of the panel were modified to reduce pressure loss; also, thermal performance of the heat pump which adopted three evaporator panels connected in series was examined. Total area of the panels was about 1.9 m2 and the rated capacity of the compressor was 250 W. These modifications reduced pressure loss and improved thermal performance. The effect of the location of the feeler bulb on performance of the heat pump was also examined. It was inferred that the feeler bulb fixed on the tube at the outlet of the evaporator should be as close as possible to the evaporator outlet.

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