Since 2004, the Geotechnical Professional Team (EPGEO) from the Regional Association of Oil and Gas Companies in Latin America and the Caribbean (Asociación Regional de Empresas de Petróleo y Gas Natural en Latinoamérica y el Caribe, ARPEL) has been working on a knowledge management-related project for the Oil & Gas industry, consisting in the creation of three technical guides on Pipeline Integrity Management given the occurrence of geohazards in Hydrocarbon Transportation Systems.

This initiative comprises the creation of 3 guides related to:

i) Guide 1: Monitoring Geohazards for Pipeline Integrity,

ii) Guide 2: Geotechnical Mitigation Works in Pipelines,

iii) Guide 3: Geotechnical Risk in Pipelines.

The EPGEO published Guide 1 in 2016 and made a presentation at the 2017 IPG (IPG2017-2538), while Guide 2 will be completed by 2021. Guide 3 will be created in 2021–2023.

This document shows the methodology and contents for preparing the first two guides, focusing on Guide 2, which comprises different alternatives, analyses and technical solutions to the occurrence of geohazards that might affect the integrity of a pipeline transportation system.

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