The OCENSA pipeline crosses the Valley of the Magdalena river flood on its way to the Caribbean Sea, the area of the valley is commonly inundated during the rainy season on shallow waters that remain flooded swamps. These swamps soils are composed by extremely soft peat with thicknesses greater than 15 meters. In June 2016 started the construction of a highway with an embankment of 6 meters in height which was more than 30 meters away from the OCENSA 30” pipeline, Due to the high compressibility of peat, to construct the road the soil is subjected to a process of consolidation and the height of the embankment was corrected adding more material. In July 29 2016 occurs a failure by load capacity on the ground under the embankment and as a result of this fault a lateral displacement of the adjacent soil producing a horizontal displacement in the pipeline of more than 50 cm. This document shows results from the affectation to the pipe and the measures taken to correct the situation.

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