In Ecopetrol’s Office of the Vice-president of Transportation and Logistics, one of the principal inputs for formulating plans for the management of sites with geotechnical findings is the verification and validation of the information compiled in right-of-way patrols, by a standardized database that contains the geotechnical findings according to a defined typology.

The purpose of doing this is to deal with, on a timely basis, geotechnically complex zones based on the identification and characterization of geotechnical findings (recurrence and activity, among others), and to provide feedback to the Geotechnical and Risk Zoning models, with a view toward their being much better adapted to reality and making it possible to identify the gaps that distract the analysis models from the actual condition of the asset. This document describes the experiences along this line that have been filed over the course of recent years and shows the relevance of each component to the objective of establishing management plans of a preventive nature.

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