TECNICONTROL S.A. and TECHNICAL QUALIFIED PERSONNEL have jointly developed an Assets Integrity Management solution specialized on GEOHAZARDS, conceived with the vision of completely implementing the continuous improvement process during all stages of the asset’s life cycle.

This process is based on the implementation of technical-administrative management controls, by optimizing, planning and appropriately allocating investment resources and following a cost-benefit analysis philosophy, to all operations and processes in which hazardous materials are involved and have the potential of generating high level risks. The aim is that these risks are identified, assessed, understood and publicized so that mitigate, control or minimize, and prevent personal injury, irreversible damage to health, fatalities, environmental impact, loss of production, quality, image and profitability of processes and production facilities and treatment of hazardous fluids.

The integration of the main processes of asset integrity management, focused on hazardous fluids pipelines exposed to geohazards, was divided into four main steps are Risk Identification, Remote Monitoring, Risk Management and Consulting, in which runs from the identification, description and classification of all natural phenomena by external forces that may affect the integrity of pipelines, along with real-time measurement and remotely adequate instruments of the major variables that cause likelihood of injury, by shifting to the associated risk management, by implementing methodologies and continuous improvement processes and focused to evaluate, assess and manage risk, and ending the process with recommendations consultancy studies for assessing threat mitigation alternative civil works or similar.

Tecnicontrol S.A. has implemented this Asset Integrity Management process taking advantage of the experience gained over 20 years of involvement in the field of Integrity, working with several operators and customers.

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