Gasoducto del Pacífico is a pipeline that carries natural gas from southern Argentina to Chile, through the Patagonian Andes. During previous years of operation only minor sign of soil movement were registered by the monitoring program, taking the form of ditch settlements. However, on September, 2005 a landslide took place producing a gas leak, at a segment that was previously characterized as a non-critical one. An initial office review of available information and site pictures would not yield a clear reason of land movement initiation given the terrain mild slope. Actions were taken aiming at three different time frames. Immediate remedial actions were taken such as ditch opening to free stresses and replacement of buckled pipeline. Integrity specialist flew to the site to conduct geological survey and a stress analysis was conducted at a lab, allowing to asses and manage present risk before transportation began. Mid-term solutions were implemented as the ditch remained open until the next summer season, when access to the site was guaranteed. Finally, two new river crossings were constructed to mitigate this natural hazard permanently. Lessons from this incident revealed design aspects that need to be reconsidered to assure mountain pipelines integrity.

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