During 1997–1999 an energy company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada added approximately 17.5 megawatts of electrical generating capacity to its oil production facility in Ecuador. Reservoir pressure was insufficient to permit free flow into the transportation pipeline. Therefore, a series of motor driven, bottom hole pumps had been installed. As is typical with many remote well sites, an electricity source was not available to achieve reliable operation of the bottom hole pumps. Therefore, a decision was made to install seven (7) refurbished on-site turbo-generator sets. The turbo-generators are based on the Rolls-Royce 501K gas generator, were commissioned during the first half of 2000, and today provide electricity for the facility.

This paper discusses the refurbishment of the turbo-generator sets. The refurbishment is a noteworthy achievement given the fact that the units sat idle for many years within the unprotected environment of the Venezuelan rain forest. The refurbishment methods and technologies are discussed. Factory test data are also presented.

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