The oil and gas pipelines are spread around the world in all nations as complex networks. The increased usage of gas is rapidly increasing this network. These networks are generally made from various diameters of pipes. The pipelines are serviced on as required basis, using pig launcher and receivers to suit the pipe diameter. Pigs of different types may be launched in different sequences, to clean the pipes and to obtain various data related to pipe condition and location. The pig launching and receiving process uses rapid pressure changes in the launcher and receiver and some magnitude of impact may be experienced by the unit. This process also requires frequent access to the launcher/receiver unit. To have an efficient and cost effective usage of the launcher/receiver unit, it is essential to have a door mechanism, which is safe, robust, capable of the above loading conditions, requires minimum service and is easy to use. PECO has recently developed & designed a door, which incorporates ail the above requirements. The door was put to high pressure testing and the test results were so encouraging that PECO named it SafeLock® Closure. The design was developed with gas pipelines in mind. However it is equally applicable to vessels, exchangers and other metal openings where quick, frequent and easy access is required.

Safety has been the prime concern through out the design and development process of this closure. Therefore the final product has resulted in a very safe closure.

The initial design of the SafeLock® door / closure used a spring load to make it easy in operation. This was removed in the later design. The segmental blocks, usually called C-ring segments, are operated to move in and out of the shell-sub annulus. The closure opening and closing is performed by the use of a single lever arm. This way only one person can operate (open and close) the door / closure. For opening and closing, the lever-arm needs to be rotated less than 40 degree angle. The rotation direction of the lever arm in closing is reverse of that in opening. The door / head can be fully retrieved from the shell-sub and rest by the side of the launcher/receiver to provide complete access to the opening.

This door / closure provides quick access to launcher / receiver, pig traps, meter provers, filter vessel, scrubber, scraper, manway to pressure vessel, etc. This closure can be mounted in the vertical or horizontal position. During change of filter elements, launching a pig, quick access to container under pressure, this closure door is designed to provide a safe and fast service.

The construction, operation, design details and application of the new closure door are included in this paper and explained with the help of the design diagrams and photographs.

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