The majority of pipeline transportation facilities for natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and basic petrochemical products were built in Mexico during the 60’ −70. The most recent construction occurred between the 80–90’s. These gas pipelines are located in 24 of the 32 Mexican States, crossing through private property, agricultural fields and sharing right of ways with other Pipeline Companies. The length is up than 11,000 km., beginning in Cactus, Chiapas and ending in Chihuahua. Import/export points are located in Reynosa, Laredo, Piedras Negras and Ciudad Juarez, crossing many populated areas, fresh and salty waters bodies, highways, bridges, areas of irregular topographical terrain. This situation makes operation, maintenance, safety and inspection activities difficult to realize. Therefore, Pemex Gas y Petroquimica Basica established a technical information system, to have integrated digitized pipeline trajectory, on several geographic maps, and technical databases associated related maintenance, operation and safety. Technical consultation is the main project goal, either in headquarters or “in situ” if it were necessary, to aid in decision-making processes, or to take right choices in case of any incident.