The Trans Mountain Pipe Line Company Ltd. (ATrans Mountain≅) Jasper station underwent a major upgrade in the mid 1990’s. In the five years preceding the upgrade two minor petroleum releases and one larger release involving Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) occurred at the facility.

The assessment and remediation of the impacted water table at Jasper station was complicated by several factors. The released petroleum and MTBE reached the water table which was at a depth of approximately 20 metres. The stratigraphy included cobbles and boulders in some areas and the deeper wells encountered heaving sands which made well installation to the desired depth quite difficult. In addition to the subsurface conditions which made recovery efforts difficult, a treatment facility was required which would remove dissolved petroleum and MTBE from the groundwater throughout year long operations. Temperatures at the facility range from minus forty degrees Celsius in the winter to plus forty in the summer.

Removal of MTBE from groundwater offers its own challenges. MTBE reacts differently in the subsurface environment when spilled and is much more difficult to treat than conventional petroleum compounds.

This paper presents information with regard to the remediation program at Jasper station. In particular, it describes the design, construction and operation of the groundwater recovery and treatment facilities used to capture and remediate the dissolved MTBE plume.

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