Through 1999, Camrose Pipe Company manufactured ∼152 km (∼45 000 tonnes) of 1067 × 11.4mm pipe for Alliance Pipeline Partnership Ltd. This section of Alliance’s pipeline was manufactured to a design whose pipe fracture toughness requirements was significantly beyond those historically manufactured in Canada and initiated a major leap in plate/pipe manufacturing toughness capability. The development of line pipe toughness in Canada culminating in this order will be profiled.

Further, this high toughness design is at the far reaches of the traditional fracture arrest models. Besides the traditional Charpy energy measure, and to confirm Alliance’s confidence in their fracture arrest design, another two sets of fracture assessment tests were used on a trial and production basis: the API chevron notch drop weight tear test (CN DWTT) energy and the energy of a similar test using an Alliance notch modification. The results of these tests will be reviewed and compared.

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