In 1994, Teikoku Oil Co., Ltd. (TOC) and NKK Corp. established a joint pilot project to provide pipeline application and evaluation of NKK’s gas hydraulic simulation engine (GASTRAN), and to co-develop a Demand Forecasting Model (DFC). When the pilot project finished in March 1997, a commercial system, Support Operation and Monitoring Application of Pipeline Simulator (SMAPS), was installed in TOC’s operation center.

SMAPS programs include a real time simulator, an off-line planning simulator, demand and supply database, SCADA interface program, and the DFC. The real-time simulator provides actual initial conditions to the off-line simulator. In addition, the demand and supply database facilitates inputting the data for each sales point and applying real time demand forecasts from DFC.

SMAPS has been mainly used to evaluate pipeline operation and monitor pipeline situations. Future plans include expanding usage for pipeline construction and maintenance and improving employee training.

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