Native prairie is recognized in Alberta for its significant ecological, cultural and economic value. Much of the remaining prairie in Alberta is under public ownership and is managed for multiple uses and values. This paper illustrates how public land managers and industry cooperate to minimize disturbance to this valuable resource. The emphasis at the planning stage is proper inventory and identification of sensitive landscape, plant and animal features on proposed alignments, followed by appropriate realignment or mitigative action. At the pre-construction phase, environmental training of staff has raised awareness about the value of the prairie resource. During construction, the implementation of traffic control plans, shut down criteria and innovative soil handling techniques have reduced the overall impact of activities. Use of special equipment, erosion control techniques and revegetation strategies during reclamation can enhance the recovery of prairie disturbances. Proper monitoring is an important component of successful reclamation, and can lead to modifications of methods and equipment that give better future protection to this valuable landscape.

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